Plus-size model Ashley Graham says she tasted breast milk: “Delicious”


The model surprised the audience by admitting this on a talk show.

Ashley Graham, who first became a mom in January, recently admitted to trying breast milk. The 32-year-old model visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the guests played the game “I’ve never done this.” When it came to breast milk, Ashley was the only one holding up a sign saying yes.

What? Have you tried breast milk?

Graham was asked.

Yes, I poured myself some. Just a little to try. Pretty tasty

– noted Ashley. She also said that she fell asleep several times while breastfeeding and accidentally sprayed milk all over the room.

Breastfeeding is a thrilling topic for Ashley. She more than once published photographs in which she feeds her little son, which embarrassed the public. Ashley doesn’t hesitate to do it in public places and is sure that this is absolutely normal. She also showed how she used a breast pump while traveling in a taxi and changed her baby’s diaper right on the store floor. The model believes that there is nothing to be ashamed of in natural processes. She encourages women to speak openly about problems in this area and not feel ashamed of their maternal needs. It is worth noting that Ashley’s views have found many supporters.

During her pregnancy, Graham tried to dispel the myth that a pregnant woman experiences happiness every day. The model gained 20 kilograms and said that at times she felt terrible watching her body change. In particular, Graham noted, she developed stretch marks, of which it is customary to be shy. However, the model decided to do the opposite: now she does not retouch stretch marks, but demonstrates them, urging all mothers to love their bodies.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham says she tasted breast milk:

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