PlayStation 5, Microsoft Surface Duo, Fairphone 3+, LG Wing, and a robotic puppy from loneliness: Time named the best inventions of the year


Time magazine has already begun to take stock and named the 100 best inventions of 2020. IN the list was compiled by editors and journalists of the edition with all over the world. Applications for took part using a special online form, then each «challenger» ranked by a number of parameters in including originality, efficiency, impact on industry.

Who in the list

For convenience, Time has divided all laureates by categories: ecology, health, gadgets and others.

IN The list contains devices that are quite familiar to us. For example, a foldable smartphone with two screens Microsoft Surface Duo, modular Fairphone 3+, LG Wing с additional rotary screen. IN section «Entertainment» appreciated two new generation consoles PlayStation 5 и Xbox Series S, а also the NVIDIA GeForce Now streaming service, which allows you to run PC games on weak laptops or even smartphones.

Besides, in weave cameras Sony Alpha A7C and Insta360 One R, Samsung Sero Vertical TV, Lenovo Flex 5G Laptop, Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game.

IN in general, all the presented inventions are interesting (not in vain they got into TOP-100!), but we have chosen the best of the best:

Breathe99 B2 flexible, similar to rubber face mask, which has two replaceable filters that protect against 99.6% of particles.

Augmedics xvision a headset that uses augmented reality to turn a patient’s CT scan into three-dimensional visualization in time of operations.

Oura Ring «clever» a ring that tracks your heart rate, activity level, sleep quality and even body temperature.

Lexon Oblivion dock stationwhich is simultaneously charges the smartphone, and disinfects it with ultraviolet light, killing 99% of bacteria on its surface in just 20 minutes.

Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX the only ones in in its class TWS headphoneswhich offer both active noise cancellation and sound processing technology capable of isolating human speech from extraneous noise.

Vollebak Full Metal Jacket jacket on 65% consisting of copper fiber that kills influenza viruses and E. coli.

Air Vodka the most environmentally friendly vodka, the creators of which have learned to distill alcohol from water and carbon dioxide.

Button Jennie a robotic puppy who is very similar to the present will save you from loneliness.

Guardian XO exoskeleton that makes it possible to lift up to 90 kg, no making an effort.

Read about all one hundred inventions can be found HERE.

Source: Time

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