Pixel smartphones will learn to measure heart rate and respiratory rate using the camera

Google spoke about new useful features of the Google Fit app, which will appear in next month.

What’s new

IN first of all, it is measuring the heart rate without sensors, as in wearable devices and with camera and flash. To do this, you just need to put your fingertip to cameras s flash on. The system then analyzes the heart rate for based on changes in light intensity in capillaries.

Moreover, with using a smartphone, you can measure your breathing rate. For this in the front camera will go: just point it on yourself so that in the frame was placed the head and chest.

«Although these measurements are not are intended for medical diagnosis or health assessment, we hope they can be helpful to people using the Google Fit tracking app and improving everyday well-being. After taking measurements, you you can save them in app to track trends with the passage of time along with other information about health», celebrated in Google.

IN next month, new Google Fit features coming to Pixel smartphones. It is also planned to distribute them on more Android devices.

By the way, in App Store и Google Play has many applications for measuring this method. A similar feature was also in older Samsung Galaxy models.

Source: Google

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