Pink’s husband defends the right to teach children to shoot: “There is no sound more pleasant than the sound of a bullet.”


Carey Hart believes that children need to be taught how to handle firearms.

Recently, the singer’s husband Pink, motorcycle racer Carey Hart, posted a video on his Instagram about how he teaches his children to shoot. Hart, who has been married to Pink since 2006, is raising two children with her – Willow’s 9-year-old daughter and Jameson’s 3-year-old son.

In a microblog, he wrote:

Fun morning shooting with kids! Wheels is getting better at the rifle. And Jamo just loves to shoot! I am proud of how fast they learn. I strongly believe in teaching your children how to shoot and how to use firearms. There is no sound more pleasing than the sound of a children’s pistol bullet striking a steel target from 30 yards away. Great weekend to everyone.

Later on Twitter, one of the users asked Carey about his political views:

It’s cool what you teach your kids. And because of this, it is a little incomprehensible to me why you support the Democrats, who announced that they would take away our weapons. Only the rich will have this privilege.

Carey replied:

First, they won’t take your weapon away. Why then none of the 44 [президентов США] couldn’t do it? Second, I’m a Republican who hates Trump. So I have no choice.

Pink's husband defends the right to teach children to shoot:

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