Photo: Gigi Hadid posted a cute selfie with her newborn daughter

Photo: Gigi Hadid posted a cute selfie with her newborn daughter

The happy mother joked that her daughter “burps out the sun”.

Model Gigi Hadid became a mother for the first time in September. She gave birth to a daughter to her lover, a former member of the pop group One Direction, and now a successful solo singer Zayn Malik.

Young parents do not cease to speak with delight in social networks about the new experience for them. True, while 25-year-old Hadid is carefully sharing with fans details about her baby. She not only didn’t show the baby’s face, but didn’t even mention the girl’s name yet.

The more mystery surrounding the birth of a child, the more with interest the fans of the model follow the rare shots with the baby, which the star shares. The other day, she posted a photo with her daughter in Instagram stories.

A girl, dressed in a white blouse, gray pants and yellow socks, sleeps on her mother’s shoulder. The baby’s face was out of frame. But on the peaceful face of Hadid herself, you can see that motherhood gives her pleasure.

“She belches up the sun,” Hadid joked sweetly about her daughter.

By the way, the supermodel is in no hurry to return to work, devoting herself to caring for the newborn. Meanwhile, judging by the photos that she posts in her account, the girl has already returned to shape after giving birth and, perhaps, will soon take on new projects.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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