Pfizer pledges to double production of COVID-19 vaccines

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla said he expects the number of doses of COVID-19 vaccine it produces to double: Pfizer currently produces about 5 million doses per week.

US President Joe Biden has expressed confidence that he will be able to fulfill the promise to distribute 100 million doses of vaccines in the first hundred days of his tenure.

“We now expect to be able to provide all Americans with vaccines by the end of July. This does not mean that all Americans will be vaccinated, but that sufficient doses will be available, ”Biden said.

Pfizer said it will provide the US with 100 million doses by the end of March and another 100 million by the end of May. As of February 17, the company has delivered 40 million doses.

Moderna, which also makes the vaccine, has agreed to deliver 300 million doses to the US by the end of July.

Anthony Fauci, an adviser to President Biden, previously noted that demand for vaccines significantly exceeds supply.

Less than 15% of the US population is currently vaccinated, and the COVID-19 epidemic has claimed nearly 500,000 lives.

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