Pew Center poll: Russia’s image in the world is deteriorating


Russia’s image in the world, like the image of its leader Vladimir Putin, has been deteriorating for several years.

This was confirmed by a survey conducted this summer by the Pew Research Center in 14 advanced economies.

On average (median) 66 percent of adults in these countries have a negative attitude towards Russia. 12 out of 14 countries have a majority. Only 29 percent of those polled have a positive attitude towards Russia.

The residents of Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are most negatively disposed towards Russia: at least three-quarters of the respondents have an unfavorable opinion about Russia in these countries.

The same opinion was expressed by at least two-thirds of the inhabitants of Spain, Great Britain, Japan and the United States.

Among the countries surveyed, Italy stands out for its relatively positive outlook on Russia.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Moscow provided medical assistance to Italy, and about half of those surveyed in that country stated a positive attitude towards Russia. Moreover, this is the highest rate for Italy since 2007, when the survey was first conducted.

In the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, the proportion of those with a positive view of Russia has decreased by at least 20 percentage points since the first survey in 2007.

In Germany, Spain and France, this figure hovers around one third of the population.

In Japan, 20 to 30 percent of the population has a positive attitude towards their neighbor.

In general, the negative attitude towards Russia extends to Putin.

In the 14 countries surveyed, an average of 23 percent of respondents expressed confidence that Putin is doing the right thing in world affairs. At the same time, an average of 73 percent said they did not trust the Russian leader.

Confidence in the Russian leader is especially low in Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, where the figure does not exceed 20 percent. In Australia, Germany and Italy alone, at least 30 percent trust Putin on the world stage.

Yet, in almost all 14 countries, more people trust Putin than US President Donald Trump.

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