Peter Fury – on the fight between Usik and Chisora: “With such a performance, Derek would beat most of the heavyweights.”


Peter Fury, former coach and uncle of WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, is convinced that with the performance Derek Chisora ​​showed against Alexander Usyk, he could defeat many strong heavyweights.

“I watched the Usyk – Chisora ​​fight in the locker room, because we were not allowed to be in the ringside due to the coronavirus. But I watched it anyway. Usyk won with a noticeable gap for me, because he outboxed Chisora. But when I watched Derek come out into the ring, he noted that he had never been in that shape. This is the best shape in his career. He went out and started putting pressure. He even went into a left-handed stance, which also worked.

This is another Chisora. With a performance like that, Derek would beat most of the heavyweights. Forget that he had 9 losses. Another man stepped over the ropes.

Everyone should understand that this guy had nothing to lose. He trained harder than ever. Everyone knew Chisora ​​was fighting a superstar. Derek trained like the Terminator. In this case, only one thing turns out – a good performance. And Chisora ​​showed not just a good, but an impressive performance, “Peter Fury said in an interview with Boxing UK.

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