Peter Fury: “I think Usyk has a good future. He will stay in the heavyweight division.”


Renowned British coach Peter Fury is confident that the former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division, Alexander Usik, will have excellent prospects in the heavyweight division.

“I think Usyk is able to enter the top directly not because he can do this or that, but because styles make fights. You saw how Joshua stumbled with Ruiz. We watched a lot of fights that did not go like So you can’t tell how a certain fight will turn out. That’s why boxing is such an intriguing sport. You don’t know what to expect.

But one thing can be said with certainty: Usyk withstood all of Chisora’s blows. Nothing can be said, and I could be wrong. Maybe Usyk will meet with a worthy heavyweight, and this opponent will pass him. But I doubt it. I do not think so. Therefore, I believe that a good future awaits him. He will linger at the heavyweight title, “Peter Fury told Boxing UK on YouTube.

We will remind, Fury also praised Derek Chisora ​​for his performance in the battle with Usik.

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