“People die, and she’s having fun”: Kim Kardashian criticized for a party on a private island


Kim Kardashian has drawn the ire of users, once again showing off her wealth and privileges.

Kim turned 40 last week. And on this occasion, she made a grand celebration, renting a whole island in the Caribbean and inviting about 30 of her closest people there. After the holiday, Kardashian shared photos from the party and told how it went.

After two weeks of numerous medical examinations, I surprised my loved ones with a trip to a private island, where we could pretend for a short time that everything was fine. We danced, rode bicycles, swam with whales, rode kayaks, watched movies on the beach, and more. I understand that for most people this is not available now, so at such moments I humbly remind myself how privileged my life is,

– wrote Kim in the microblog.

Kim’s followers are disappointed that she flaunts her idle life while everyone else is going through the aftermath of the pandemic, getting sick, dying and barely making ends meet.

“This is very selfish. People die, they lose their jobs, and she’s having fun. And I doubt that all your guests after that observed isolation “,” How great: the elite do not need social distance and protective masks “,” Wow! My family cannot see their child because of the pandemic, but I am very glad that you are rich “,” I was bedridden for 20 days and received oxygen artificially. I don’t even know if my insurance will cover the treatment. And you keep reminding yourself how privileged your life is, ”users say in Kim’s comments.

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