Pentagon and State Department candidates supported arms supplies to Ukraine

Candidates for the posts of the Pentagon and State Department leaders expressed the readiness of the future administration of Joe Biden to continue the supply of defensive weapons to Ukraine.

Defense candidate Lloyd Austin said he supports the provision of weapons to Ukraine and expressed satisfaction with the current volume of military assistance.

“I support the provision of arms assistance to ensure that Ukraine has the weapons it needs to defend itself. Ukraine also has critical non-weapons requests such as secure communications equipment funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), ”Austin said in a statement to the US Senate.

Asked if there is a need to increase arms assistance to Ukraine, Austin replied: “There is now a good balance of lethal and non-lethal aid that meets Ukraine’s needs.”

At the same time, he promised to “make the necessary changes” in the future, if necessary.

Candidate for the post of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also said that he supports the idea of ​​providing Ukraine with American weapons.

“I support the provision of this defensive assistance to Ukraine in the form of weapons,” Blinken said on Tuesday.

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