Peloton exercise bike turns out to be “vulnerability” of the new US president

Since, according to American traditions, the president moves to the White House, and does not just come there to work, he is allowed to change his home to his liking. Usually a couple of trucks of personal belongings are brought there, but in the case of the newly elected President Joe Biden there was an annoying hitch. The elderly politician loves his Peloton exercise bike, but the Secret Service will not allow it to be transported to the White House.

The fact is that Peloton has its own Android operating system, network equipment and a number of programs for automatically connecting to wireless networks. Moreover, a sports tool is able to establish a connection with fitness trackers, smartwatches and other IoT items on its own.

From the point of view of the presidential security service, this is not a sports car, but a real “Trojan horse”. If a hacker manages to hack the president’s exercise bike, in theory he will gain access to the internal networks of the White House, will be able to see and hear secret conversations. And it is not so difficult to do this – for example, recently enthusiasts launched a broadcast from the Netflix channel on the screen of this simulator, which, in principle, was not provided by its developers.

The problem is broader than it seems, because if you just dismantle all the network modules, the simulator will instantly turn into a boring “under-bike”. Rumor has it that for this reason, in 2017, a Peloton was made especially for Michelle Obama without a camera and microphone, but the company flatly refused to comment on this. Are the secret services really powerless in the face of such a problem? It’s hard to say – when Trump drove into the White House, he brought a golf course simulator the size of a room and a price of $ 50,000, with many cameras, sensors and the obligatory Internet connection. Then the problem was somehow solved, but what will happen now?

Peloton simulator

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