Paris Hilton hinted at engagement to boyfriend Carter Reum

In the new photo, the couple appeared in the images of a prince and a princess.

Paris Hilton made a new post on Instagram, after which her followers had no doubts: she and her boyfriend, entrepreneur Carter Reum, were finally engaged (or even got married).

In the photo, Paris and Carter pose cutely in an embrace, looking into each other’s eyes. The backdrop is a sparkling Disney castle, and Paris’s outfit resembles that of a princess.

And they lived happily ever after,

– she signed the frame. “Barbie and Ken”, “Happy Cinderella”, “Beautiful people – beautiful life!”, “Are you engaged?”, “I think they got married”, “Paris, you are such a princess!” – users write in the comments.

39-year-old Paris has been dating Reum for a year and a half. A source from the couple’s entourage notes that “she has never been so happy.” Earlier in an interview, Paris said that she would like to start a family with Carter, and noted that he would be a good father:

I finally found my soul mate. Someone with whom I want to spend the rest of my life and have a family.

And not so long ago, Hilton said that she froze her eggs and dreams of babies.

The first will be a boy and a girl – twins. When you freeze eggs, you can choose the gender of the baby and make it so that there are twins,

– said the star and added that her daughter will name London.

Paris Hilton hinted at engagement to boyfriend Carter Reum

Paris Hilton hinted at engagement to boyfriend Carter Reum

Photo source: Legion-Media

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