Orlando Bloom spoke about his newborn daughter: “My mini-copy”


In August, Bloom and his fiancée Katy Perry became parents.

Orlando Bloom recently spoke live with Ellen DeGeneres and talked a little about his newborn daughter Daisy Dove.

Katie sent me a picture of the baby. She’s the sweetest creature, she’s got mom’s eyes

– noted Ellen. Orlando said in response:

Yes, when she was just born, I thought, “This is my mini-copy,” and then I noticed that she had blue eyes, like Katie. And she even looks like my mom.

In the conversation, the actor boasted of his ability to soothe babies and called himself a “child charmer.”

When Katie was pregnant, I sang a Buddhist mantra to the child, which I have known since I was 16. And now, when I enter the room, the baby hears my voice and immediately calms down. And when I walk with her, I hum in her ear, she likes it, she reacts very well. And Katie doesn’t understand what I’m doing, like I’m a child charmer. So, as a father, I score points. But our child sleeps at night. She sleeps from nine to six, it’s just a gift of some kind

– Bloom shared.

Orlando also has a son, Flynn, by Miranda Kerr. The actor says that Flynn acts like a real big brother with his sister.

This is his first sister. He knows how to behave with children, he has two brothers. He’s just great, we do remote lessons together,

Orlando said. The actor also noted that he and Katie now spend a lot of time at home:

Now is just the time to take care of the family, redo a bunch of chores and take care of the child.

Orlando Bloom spoke about his newborn daughter:

Orlando Bloom spoke about his newborn daughter:

Photo source: Legion-Media

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