OPPO unveils “slide background”: the concept of a compact foldable device that folds in three places


OPPO continues to experiment with foldable form factors. Recently, the manufacturer showed a prototype of the stretched OPPO X 2021, and is now showing a “slide background”.

What it is

This is a concept of a folding device that exists only on paper so far. It was created together with a Japanese woman design studio Nendo. The gadget received three parts. Unlike the Xiaomi and TCL concepts, the OPPO smartphone has no gaps when folded.

When unfolding the first part of the device, a 1.5-inch screen appears. It is needed for notifications and calls. When the second is opened, the screen appears already at 3.15 inches. He, according to the manufacturer, is useful for shooting photos and videos.

If you expand the third part, then the gadget gets a 7 inch narrow bezel for gaming and multitasking. The concept has a built-in stylus and a main camera with several modules. When folded, it can be used for selfies.

When to expect

Naturally, OPPO has not announced any timing for the release of such a “slide background”, but according to the Ice universe insider, such devices will not appear on the market until 2022.

Source: XDA, Twitter

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