OnePlus 9 live photo: 120Hz flat screen, triple camera and OnePlus 8T design

OnePlus 9 live photo: 120Hz flat screen, triple camera and OnePlus 8T design

Although the flagships of the OnePlus 9 series and must submit only to March, in network, more and more information about them. AND here the PhoneArena edition received a series of live images of the smartphone.

What showed

It looks like a prototype of the OnePlus 9, as on rear panel not shown Company `s logo. This is because the brand, like many other manufacturers create custom logos for their prototypes.

IN overall, on the pictures show the gadget in silver color. The main camera design is familiar early renders: rectangular box with three modules and flash, and two sensors are much larger than the third. The Ultra Shot inscription is visible, but unknown, will is she in final design, as in previous models on this place was the specifications of the camera.

The front of the OnePlus 9 is nothing differs from predecessor OnePlus 8T: flat screen, thin bezels around it, round cutout for the front camera in left corner. By the way, PhoneArena confirms display refresh rate of 120Hz, HDR, 2400 resolution×1080p (Full-HD+) and aspect ratio 20: 9.

Moreover, on faces can be seen microphone, speaker, port USB-C, tray for SIM card, adjustment buttons and nutrition.

Also, the publication published several screenshots, on which detail some of the key features of the OnePlus 9. It’s a Lahaina processor (codenamed Snapdragon 888), 8GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, 4500 battery mAch, Android 11 and OxygenOS.

AND here is the resolution of the camera sensors, it seems, they decided to hide, since 12 and 4 MP for the back and anterior chambers. They will probably be converted to 48 megapixel and 16 megapixel sensors.

Source: PhoneArena

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