OnePlus 8T Concept: a concept smartphone that can change its color


IN at the beginning of the year, OnePlus showed the Concept One smartphone with disappearing camera, and now unexpectedly introduced yet another concept gadget OnePlus 8T Concept.

What it is

Like follows from names, this is a concept created on based on the flagship OnePlus 8T. Its main feature special inserts on rear panel that can change its color from silvery to dark blue and back.

This is achieved for account of special film on a metal oxide base that can discolour when exposed to voltage. The applied voltage changes the valence state of the metal ions, in resulting in the color changes.

Such a panel is not will only decorate the smartphone, but and will be able to signal incoming calls and messages.

In addition, the OnePlus 8T Concept has received a millimeter wave (mmWave) module that can transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. Such a module can be used to control gestures (for example, reject a call with a wave of the hand) and monitoring the user’s breathing.

Like in case with OnePlus Concept One, the company does not plans to sell OnePlus 8T Concept. This is just a demo showing the technologies OnePlus is working on.

A source: OnePlus

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