Oleg Taktarov: “If Usyk accidentally knocked out Chisora, it would be worse”


MMA legend Oleg Taktarov discussed the victory of Alexander Usik in a duel with British boxer Derek Chisora.

Recall that the fight between Usik and Chisora ​​lasted all 12 rounds and ended with the victory of the Ukrainian boxer. Many were not impressed by the performance of Usik, who lacked physical strength and size, however, according to Taktarov, he expected to see just such a fight, since the labor victory would help the Ukrainian to add in further confrontations with the heavyweight tops.

“I expected such a victory from Usik. This is normal. If he accidentally knocked out his opponent, it would be bad. He would have a little self-confidence. There are more serious rivals ahead, where he will have to plow more and hit harder. There is no end to the mustache, “Taktarov admitted in an interview with Sport24.

“But according to his fighting constitution, he does everything right. He was well prepared for the fight. How difficult will it be with Joshua? champion, he has a base for children and youth, this is very important. The fact that some boxers effectively knocked out someone does not mean anything. Boxing is not only about knockouts and strong punches. Boxing means beating your opponent. “


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