Office for Relations with Religious and Community Organizations Created in the White House

US President Joe Biden on Sunday issued a decree establishing a White House office for partnerships with religious and community organizations.

Such organizations are essential for the country’s ability to address the problems of low-income people and other people and communities underserved, including people of non-white skin color, the decree says.

“Americans are the main drivers of fundamental change in our country, and there are few institutions that are as close to people as our religious and other community organizations,” the document says.

“It is important that the federal government strengthens the capacity of such organizations … to effectively deliver services in partnership with the federal, state and local governments, and other private organizations, while maintaining our fundamental constitutional commitment to guarantee equal protection of the law and free practice of religion, and also prohibiting the establishment of religion, “- emphasized in the decree of Biden.

The new office will help organize effective service delivery across the country and around the world in partnership with civil society institutions, including religious and secular organizations. He will also coordinate the administration’s political agenda for religious and other community programs.

The office will also educate civil society leaders about financial and other partnerships with the federal government to serve those in need.

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