O’Brien promised a “professional transition” in the event of an official victory for Biden

O’Brien promised a “professional transition” in the event of an official victory for Biden

WASHINGTON – A senior adviser to US President Donald Trump appears to have admitted that the president has little chance of being declared the winner of the presidential election, although the head of state and other key aides are still hoping for a second term.

“Look, if the Biden and Harris tandem is declared the winner – it’s obvious that it looks like this now, there will be a very professional transition on the part of the National Security Council. There is no doubt about that, ”said White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, speaking at the virtual Global Security Forum.

“The great thing about the United States of America is that we are passing the baton and conducting a peaceful, successful transfer of power even in the most stressful times,” O’Brien added.

O’Brien said this at a time when Trump continues to insist on social media that the election was rigged and that he should be declared the winner. On November 7, the media announced former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner.

“The radical left Democrats, working with their partners, the fake news media, are trying to steal this election. We won’t let them, ”he tweeted shortly before O’Brien’s speech.

“I won the elections!” He wrote in another tweet on Monday and questioned the veracity of Georgia’s ongoing recount in the third.

However, O’Brien took a more conciliatory tone on Monday.

“If there is a new administration, they deserve to have time to come in and implement their policies,” he said. “Very professional people will come to these positions, many of whom have already been here.”

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