O’Brien: it may take “even a year” to extend START-3


President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien said the United States and Russia could take “a week, a month” or “even a year” to extend the START III treaty.

The treaty limiting the volume of strategic nuclear weapons on each side expires in February.

“But I think we have made progress, and I appreciate that Russia has moved closer to our position, so we’ll see if we can reach an agreement,” O’Brien said in an interview with Politico newspaper.

The White House adviser made a statement while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the need for early negotiations.

“Russia has agreed in principle to freeze all of its nuclear warheads. We are very happy about this. But we must make sure that the American and Russian negotiators get together as soon as possible to continue working on a verifiable agreement, ”Pompeo said in an interview with reporters at the State Department on Wednesday.

O’Brien also said Trump would accept the election results if he was defeated on November 3, but the vote must be free and fair.

“If he loses the elections, then I am sure that the president will transfer power, but we must make sure that there were no falsifications in the elections, make sure that it was free and fair elections – just as we demand this from other countries, we must demand on my own, ”O’Brien pointed out.


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