Nowhere below: Huawei predicts only 4% of the global smartphone market next year

A couple of years ago, Huawei was rapidly moving towards leadership on the global smartphone market, ahead of Apple and target of first place instead of Samsung. But US sanctions have disrupted all plans, and now analysts’ forecasts are disappointing.

Foggy future

Despite what’s in this year Huawei has been the leader in sales of smartphones, a year for the Chinese company is unlikely will end up with good performance. By Forecast by TrendForce researchers, according to year-end Huawei’s share in the global market will account for only 14%.

AND on 2021 projections are even darker only 4% of total sales. AND everything due to US sanctions: due to the company has lost access to key software, chip design and partners in production, which deprived her technological advantage.

There are no optimistic forecasts for analysts and for the Honor brand, which was recently sold to Huawei and became independent. In him 2021 predict and at all 2% of the market due to lack of own components and uncertainties in regarding sanctions.

IN then the same time, other Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO is likely to seize this chance to increase production and compete aggressively for freed up space.

Source: BusinessStandard

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