Not only Mi 11: Xiaomi will unveil Mi 11 Pro after February 12

Yesterday Xiaomi introduced the new flagship Mi 11. But he debuted one, without the older Mi model 11 Pro.


By according to insiders, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro though will be, but later. They even named the estimated timing of the presentation. after February 12, when China is ending the New Year period.

Why there was such a delay it is not clear yet. It is also unknown how Mi will differ 11 Pro from normal Mi 11. But you can expect that the same Snapdragon 888 processor, 100-watt charging, camera with periscope zoom, a higher capacity battery and more memory.

In addition, in Mi model will appear on sale 11 sec leather back panel and special version with corrugated glass and autographed by CEO Lei Jun.

Source: ITHome

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