“Nostalgia”: Brooklyn Beckham’s beloved was compared to Christina Aguilera in her youth

“Nostalgia”: Brooklyn Beckham’s beloved was compared to Christina Aguilera in her youth

It was decided to postpone the wedding of the eldest son of a famous English football player.

The eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, 21-year-old Brooklyn, together with his beloved Nicola Peltz, reincarnated on Halloween as Gianni and Donatella Versace. They looked like real rebels and punks and had a stylish photo shoot for themselves.

Brooklyn has changed beyond recognition in the frames. He drew a tattoo under his eye, made a pink strand in his hair, and put on a fake nose piercing. His look was completed by a daring sleeveless shirt.

Nicola chose a black top and dark pants embroidered with a gold pattern. She also left a pink strand in her perfectly drawn blonde hair. The daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz wore bright eye makeup using the smokey ice technique. Her tattoo in the form of a dragon on her shoulder got into the frames every now and then.

Many fans of the couple immediately began to compare Nikola with famous divas who, in their youth, preferred a similar style. “Like Aguilera in 2002”, “Oh, you look like Christina Aguilera”, “Inspired by Avril Lavigne”, “She’s a great rocker. Looks like Shakira “,” They gave me back the year 2000 with Christina Aguilera “,” You look like Avril Lavigne in 2004, “Brooklyn’s subscribers were sorting through similar images.

We will remind, Nicola and Brooklyn were supposed to get married this fall. However, according to DailyMail, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was decided to postpone the ceremony until 2022. The couple intends to celebrate the wedding, first at the Beckham family estate in the Cotswolds, and then at the bride’s homeland in Florida. This will allow family and friends on both sides to congratulate the lovers on an important event in their life.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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