North Carolina Republicans condemn Senator Burr

North Carolina Republicans have voiced their displeasure with Senator Richard Burr, who, along with six Republican colleagues, joined the Democrats in voting to convict ex-President Donald Trump as guilty of inciting insurrection.

The North Carolina GOP Central Committee issued a statement saying the committee members voted unanimously “to censure Senator Richard Burr in connection with his vote to convict former President Trump in what he called unconstitutional impeachment proceedings.”

Although the impeachment vote was the most bipartisan in history, Democrats lacked the 10 Republican votes to reach the 67 needed to convict Trump.

North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Watley called Burr’s vote “shocking and disappointing.”

In turn, Burr defended his position, saying that Trump was responsible for the actions of January 6.

“There is strong evidence that President Trump is guilty of inciting rebellion against an equal branch of government,” he said.

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