No pants needed: Jessica Simpson boasted an updated figure


The mother of three has changed noticeably over the past year.

After the birth of her third child, Jessica Simpson decided to regain her previous shape and actively took up herself. She has already managed to get rid of 45 kilograms, but the singer does not stop there. She recently showed off a great figure by posting a photo in a black bodysuit.

A date night looks a little different during a pandemic. No pants needed

– she signed the frame.

No pants needed: Jessica Simpson boasted an updated figure

Simpson, 40, continues to lead an active lifestyle and encourages her fans to do so. An insider from the entourage of the star said that Simpson’s favorite activity is running on a treadmill and walking, during which she tries to walk 12-14 thousand steps.

I keep track of how many steps I take per day. If I do not have time to cover the required distance, I transfer the distance not covered the next day. We walk a lot with our children – we go to the forest and to neighboring farms. We play a lot, we jump on a trampoline. You just need to pull out all the accumulated energy from yourself!

– said the singer in an interview.

Jessica’s trainer notes that the main secret of her weight loss is the transition to a healthy lifestyle. He helped her build a daily routine that included five must-haves: walking, getting a good sleep, an hour before bed without gadgets, eating healthy and exercising.

My goal was to help her maintain healthy habits. And as a bonus, she also lost 45 kilograms,

– says the coach.

No pants needed: Jessica Simpson boasted an updated figure

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