Newlyweds exchanged unique digital NFT rings at the wedding

Newlyweds exchanged unique digital NFT rings at the wedding

High technologies sometimes very bizarrely change our life, especially if the authors of the idea are well versed in the issue. Two employees of Coinbase, a platform for working with cryptocurrencies, entered into a formal marriage, adding an unusual element to it. They exchanged unique “digital rings”, the special status of which is secured with the help of NFT certificates and blockchain technology.

Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky had a regular Jewish wedding. After the main ceremony, the couple took a break, took out their smartphones and … no, they did not start changing statuses in social networks and posting selfies. Instead, they activated and exchanged personal NFT rings, formalizing the terms of the marriage. Now anyone from anywhere in the world can make sure they are true to their vows, and this proof will last, in theory, forever. As long as the Internet exists, at least.

The couple approached the task competently. The tokens are named “Tabaat”, which translates from Hebrew as “ring”, exactly two copies have been created and it is impossible to add new ones. To emphasize the uniqueness of the “digital rings”, the newlyweds included in their composition animation by the artist Karl Johan Hasselroth, which symbolizes the unity of the two components. All together: the token, animation and special status, secured by an NFT certificate, and became the very symbols of loyalty that they handed to a friend friend.

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