New heights: daughter of Beyoncé Blue Ivy voiced an audiobook based on an Oscar-winning cartoon


Matthew Cherry turned the script for The Love of Hair into a book.

The eldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, eight-year-old Blue Ivy, became the narrator of Matthew Cherry’s audio book Love of Hair. The author announced this on his Instagram page. In 2019, according to Cherry’s script, the project of the same name was released, which won this year an Oscar as the best animated short film.

“Love of Hair” tells the touching story of a black father who learns to do his little daughter’s hair while his wife is in the hospital. As the young heroine soon finds out, it is not easy for her father, but they are trying to find a solution together.

“I liked that the story was centered around a black family because we don’t see that often in animation,” Cherry told the Los Angeles Times in February. In his opening speech at the Academy Awards that same month, he said, “We made Hair Love because we wanted to see more reality in animation, we wanted to show that black people’s hair is normal.”

This is not the first creative work of Beyoncé’s daughter. The singer actively attracts her to her business. So, at the end of June, Blue Ivy Carter became the youngest winner of the BET Awards 2020, having received an award for the song Brown Skin Girl, which she sang with her mother. In addition, she became a member of Beyoncé’s new visual album Black Is King.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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