New air leak on the ISS forces Roscosmos to send a supply of oxygen to the station

A new air leak was detected near the Russian segment of the ISS, and although Roscosmos claims that the situation is under control, it was decided to prepare a cargo with a supply of oxygen, which will be sent to the station in February next year.

It is worth recalling that the first leak was discovered at the beginning of this year. It took several months to locate the leak. Tea leaves flying in weightlessness, rushing with an air stream to the ill-fated hole, became the “magic wand”.

Alas, yet another leak – its location has not yet been determined – is most likely in the vicinity of the Russian Zvezda module. The Roskosmos management is currently considering the possibility of isolating this entire part of the ISS in order to eliminate the problem.

For all its seriousness, the leadership of Roskosmos is in no hurry to dramatize the situation, assuring that the situation does not pose a threat, since the leak is very small. As the program director of the state corporation Sergei Krikalev said, “One of the leaks has already been detected and reduced, but not completely liquidated. “

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