Nevada Athletic Commission chief explains ridiculousness of Deontay Wilder’s accusations

Nevada Athletic Commission chief explains ridiculousness of Deontay Wilder’s accusations

Bob Bennett, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSC), could not ignore the recent statements of former WBC champion Deontay Wilder, who accused Tyson Fury of cheating with boxing gloves and conspiring with one of his trainers, Mark Breeland, and then throwing a stone to legendary referee Kenny Bayliss, who served in the February fight.

“I would like to acknowledge Deontay Wilder for his success in the Olympics, as well as a world-class fighter who is very much appreciated by boxing fans. He has fought some of the best heavyweights in the business,” Bennett said. “I am aware of his comments on the Nevada Athletic Commission, namely his remarks about gloves and referee Kenny Bayliss, and I was disappointed with that, knowing it was not true.”

To dispel Wilder’s conspiracy theories about Fury’s cheating, Bennett decided to explain how the commission handles boxing gloves and why they cannot be tampered with.

“The sealed gloves are shipped to our office directly from the factory 72 hours before the fight. Once received, we inspect them thoroughly,” Bennett said. “Then our Chief Inspector checks the gloves and weighs them on a specially calibrated and certified scale. Then they are locked in a safe place.

On the day of weighing boxers, gloves are brought to the arena, and when the fighters finish weighing, they take turns picking up their gloves. They are given a choice of two to eight pairs. They are given as much time as they need to try on, because they need to pick up two pairs at once: one directly for the fight, and the other pair in reserve. After the gloves are selected, they are returned to the commission, then placed in the safe and brought to the arena on the day of the battle itself. In this case, gloves are handed over to boxers in the presence of inspectors from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. They are not out of sight for a single second, and we make sure that the gloves are not manipulated. “

Bennett also commented on Wilder’s attacks on referee Kenny Bayliss, considered by many to be one of the best in the business.

“He’s a world class referee,” Bennett said. “I was present when Bayliss gave instructions to Mr. Wilder and his team before entering the ring, so they were aware of all the rules and Bayliss was polite the whole time. After the rules were brought to their attention, we expected them to any questions or expressions of concern, but they agreed with everything.

It’s a shame that Mr. Wilder has thoughts and beliefs of this kind. Like all of us, he has freedom of expression. And we just wish him continued success and all the best. “

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