Naya Rivera’s five-year-old son endures his mother’s death

Ryan Dorsey posted a touching photo on Instagram.

Former husband of Naya Rivera expressed admiration for the resilience of their five-year-old son Josie in the face of the terrible tragedy that happened in the past 2020. It’s been a tough year for Ryan Dorsey and Josie.

The boy was boating with his mother on a warm and serene July day. However, the lake where mother and son were located is known for its dangerous currents. As Josie later told investigators, she and her mother decided to go swimming. Mom helped her son get back into the boat, but she herself could not get on board and disappeared under the water.

Josie was found in the boat late in the evening, the body of the actress was found only the next day. The boy’s father said in his publication: “My son is a little boy and at the same time he is already a man. I cannot be more proud of anyone than him. At such a young age, he experienced more than many in a full life. “

Ryan posted a photo of his son in which the baby is smiling. The sister of the deceased helps Josie and his father with the loss. The boy fell in love with his own aunt. Ryan Dorsey addressed his son with touching words: “I hope you find a way to live your life and not stop there, no matter how difficult it may be, remembering the past.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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