NASA invites everyone to join the Planetary Patrol project

NASA has launched a new project called Planet Patrol. As the agency admits, they have accumulated a lot of information about distant worlds, exoplanets, including potentially habitable ones. And there is not enough specialists or time to analyze it, so you cannot do without the help of private individuals.

The main object of research is transit exoplanets. These are objects discovered using the transit photometry method, during which the equipment records periodic changes in the brightness of distant stars as exoplanets pass between them and observers on earth. NASA has accumulated a huge number of images of such shadowed stars, but they admit that they have not been able to develop an effective algorithm for their analysis. The human eye still responds better to image oddities than machine vision.

Another reason why NASA needed volunteers is the desire to try as many different methods of searching for exoplanets as possible. The Planet Hunters TESS project is already in operation, in which individuals help to study the same space objects, but with different methods. The more tools and technologies, the more hands are needed to use them, therefore NASA will gladly accept any help.

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