NASA has prepared a playlist with the most eerie sounds of space for Halloween


A new mixtape has appeared on the Soundcloud service, the author of which is indicated by NASA. Released specifically in the run-up to Halloween, it contains recordings of the most frightening and incomprehensible sounds of space. As the agency clarified, this is a new portion of the recordings, which have not yet been published for a wide audience.

The recording contains acoustic data, as well as other types of radiation and vibrations, converted into sound. They were collected throughout near space, using information from a variety of ships and stations. For example, in 2018, the InSight lander measured the parameters of the Martian wind using a pressure sensor and a seismograph. Transformed into sound, they create a low, eerie hum of the elements circling over the dead red desert.

Most of the cosmic sounds are squeaks, rustles, vibrations and something like howls that can be heard at the intersection of magnetic and gravitational fields. For example, Jupiter turned out to be a very versatile composer, as they learned about when the Voyager 1 probe passed near it, and then the Juno apparatus made stunning recordings of the sound of the auroras of this gas giant.

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