NASA gravity suit will keep space tourists healthy


The world is entering the era of commercial space travel, which means that more people will expose their health to zero gravity. It is a highly hostile environment that, even in the short term, can cause serious damage – for example, if blood and other fluids concentrate around the human brain. The solution may be a new NASA project called the Gravity Suit.

The idea is extremely simple: instead of trying to simulate gravity as a whole, the suit creates negative pressure only in the lower part of the body. The task is to recreate the “earthly reaction force”, in which, under the action of gravity, liquids tend to descend. In zero gravity, nothing like this happens and the vascular system of the human body begins to malfunction, which is what the suit should fix.

It is planned to realize negative pressure using a vacuum. The suit is conceived as a mobile device in which you can freely move around the ISS and conduct work. Or, quickly put on an injured space tourist to drain fluids from the brain, forcing them into the lower body. And thus to eliminate the excessive pressure on the brain, fraught with serious consequences. Tourists, unlike cosmonauts, cannot boast of many years of physical training, so backup measures will not be superfluous.

Gravity suit

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