Naomi Campbell, Mark Ruffalo and other stars strip to teach fans how to vote


The US presidential election is due in less than a month, and the stars decided to remind people of the important formalities of voting.

A number of actors have co-starred with the non-profit organization RepresentUs to remind US residents how to vote by mail. In less than a month, there will be a presidential election in the United States, and now many celebrities are talking about the importance of these elections and encouraging people to vote.

In this video, the stars remind people that when voting by mail, they must observe a number of mandatory rules, because of the violation of which their ballot will be considered a “naked ballot” and will not be taken into account in the calculations. That is why celebrities appeared naked in the video – at least to the waist. In some states in America, two envelopes are attached to the ballot, and as explained in the video, one envelope with the ballot must be enclosed in another envelope, otherwise it will not be accepted.

The video stars Mark Ruffalo, Chris Rock, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Schumer, Josh Gad, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Ryan Bath and Naomi Campbell. Sasha Baron Cohen also appeared, who appeared in the form of Borat, but in clothes.

We will remind, on October 1, there was a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. A few days later, Trump and his wife were hospitalized with identified COVID-19. The couple spent only three days in a military hospital, after which Trump said on his Twitter that Covid should not be afraid. “Don’t be afraid of covid. Don’t let him dominate your life. I feel better now than 20 years ago! ” – wrote on Twitter the 74-year-old president. However, he noted that he was still infected.

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