Murat Gassiev’s promoters sue boxer


Last week, ex-heavyweight champion Murat Gassiev announced that he is leaving for free swimming, as he is not going to renew the expired contract with the promotion companies Warriors Boxing and Ural Boxing Promotions, which previously represented him.

The Russian accused the former promoters of unscrupulous performance of their duties, which led him to the fact that Gassiev could not hold a duel for two years.

However, as it turned out later, the boxer will not be able to get rid of his employers so easily, since Warriors Boxing and Ural Boxing Promotions filed a joint lawsuit in the Broward County Court (Florida), in which they accused Vladimir Khryunov, Umar Kremlev and the Russian promotional organization Patriot Promotions in the fact that they knocked Gassiev to terminate the contract with their companies.

At the same time, Ural and Warriors added that they had already made similar attempts earlier. And so much so that they were forced to send a letter to their Russian colleagues demanding an end to the behind-the-scenes game.

The lawsuit also claims that Gassiev has no right to terminate the agreement with Warriors Boxing and Ural Boxing Promotions, given that his contractual obligations have not yet reached their expiration date. They explain this by the fact that two years of downtime do not count, and therefore Gassiev’s contract remains valid at least until 2022.

Recall that on October 31 in Sochi, Murat Gassiev’s debut heavyweight fight against Albanian boxer Nuri Seferi will take place.


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