More than 1000 Chinese researchers left the USA


More than 1,000 Chinese researchers have fled the United States amid vigorous efforts to combat technology theft, senior US security officials say.

According to one source, Chinese agents are already encroaching on the future Biden administration.

The investigators fled the country when the Justice Department opened several criminal cases against Chinese agents on suspicion of industrial and technological espionage, said the head of the Department of National Security of the Department of Justice, John Demers, speaking at an event at the analytical center Aspen Institute.

Researchers suspected of having links with the People’s Liberation Army of China fled the country after the FBI conducted interrogations in 20 cities and the State Department closed the Chinese consulate in Houston in July, a Justice Department spokesman said.

The head of the counterintelligence department of the US Director of National Intelligence, William Evanina, speaking at the same event, said that officials of the future administration of President-elect Joe Biden and people close to his team had already become targets of Chinese agents.

He did not elaborate on any additional details.

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