Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo won’t get Android 11 until summer

Smartphone manufacturers are more or less active, but update their gadgets to the latest version of the operating system Android 11. What can not be said about Microsoft and her folding smartphone Surface Duo.


Edition of Dr. Windows on presentation related the launch of Surface Duo in Germany, it became known that a folding smartphone, to unfortunately not will get Android 11 before summer. By preliminary information, the update will be launched only in June or July.

By the way, Microsoft is working on this update since June last year even before Surface Duo’s receipts sale. The corporation even bought Movial the company that originally developed Android for the Surface Duo. FROM everything had to develop faster by own development.

The delay is most likely due to the fact that Microsoft and Google teamed up to transfer all developments related to operation of two screens, in core Android. This will make life much easier for other manufacturers. Android devices.

Recall that on February 18, Microsoft Surface Duo will be released on international market, as it is sold only in USA. But if in America price tag lowered to $ 999 then other countries it is not concerns. Already on this week the smartphone will be available in Canada, UK, Germany and France.

Source: Dr. Windows

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