Melania Trump’s farewell address: “The potential of this country belongs to all of us”

US First Lady Melania Trump, in her farewell address, urged Americans to focus on what unites them.

President Donald Trump’s term expires on Wednesday and the first couple are planning to leave Washington.

“The potential of this country belongs to all of us,” said the first lady. – Do not forget about your adherence to principles and values. Take every opportunity to show attention to another person and build good habits into our daily life. “

“I ask every American … to focus on what unites us, rise above what divides us, always choose love over hate, peace over violence, and put others above ourselves,” she urged.

“I have been honored to represent the American people overseas,” she said, adding, “As I bid farewell to my role as First Lady, I sincerely hope that every American will take part in teaching our children what that means – be the best. “

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