Meizu started selling iPhones. And it’s not a joke

Meizu started selling iPhones.  And it’s not a joke

On the calendar is long gone April 1st, but of Some funny news has arrived in China: Meizu will be selling iPhone.

What does it mean

Meizu has officially announced that in her Meizu Mall branded stores will now sell competitor smartphones Apple.

At the same time, Meizu praises the security of the iPhone and declares that by reliability of personal data protection is at the same time competitor, and friend of the Meizu 18 line.

By the way, this is the first time that the manufacturer Android smartphones starts selling iPhone in own stores.

We will remind, earlier the company reported that 45% of its owners new flagships have switched to Meizu 18 и Meizu 18 Pro с iPhone. In addition, the manufacturer makes good discounts when exchanging an iPhone for new Meizu 18 and 18 Pro.

Source: Mydrivers

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