Meghan Markle will pay for her loss in court against the tabloid


For the second time. But the Duchess’s trial with the publication will continue next year.

The scandal and litigation with newspapers became a bright part of Meghan Markle’s life and partly provoked her and Prince Harry to resign and move to the United States. Megan sued for a long time with the newspaper The Mail Online, which published her letters to her father, and accused the publication of bullying. In July, she lost the first round and was ordered to pay her opponent over $ 87,000 in compensation.

Recently, a second round of court proceedings took place, which Markle again lost and now has to pay compensation again. The court ordered her to pay the newspaper’s legal costs, amounting to just over $ 50,000.

Meghan Markle will pay for her loss in court against the tabloid

The Mail Online disputed Meghan’s accusation, claiming that she released personal information while collaborating with the authors of Finding Freedom “to present her own version of events in a way that favors her.” Meghan’s lawyers deny that she collaborated with the authors of the book. But the trial does not end there, a new lawsuit against Megan against the newspaper is set to begin next January.

Earlier it was reported that the queen did not approve of the speech of Megan and Harry on American television, during which they urged citizens to go to the polls. The couple made it clear that they do not support Trump’s policies.

The royal family is worried about what this might lead to and whether it is contrary to the values ​​of the queen. This appears to be a violation of the agreement. If Trump is re-elected and he comes to visit the Queen, how can she justify herself for the fact that her grandson and his wife spoke out against Trump?

– said a source from the palace. Now in the palace they are discussing the deprivation of Megan and Harry’s royal titles, which they still wear, although they are forbidden to use them.

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