McDonald’s begins open testing of McPlant vegetable burgers

McDonald’s begins open testing of McPlant vegetable burgers

Unveiled at McDonald’s in November, the new McPlant burger will be tasted for the first time in Denmark and Sweden, Bloomberg reported. Another novelty of fast food consists of a mixture of pea and rice proteins, jointly developed with the world’s largest manufacturer of meat substitutes, the American company Beyond Meat.

Testing began in January and will run until March 15 and April 12, respectively, in Sweden and Denmark. If the ad campaign is successful, McPlant will expand to other markets.

The cutlet is cooked on the same grill as the beef burgers, so it cannot be called vegetarian. However, in a press release from the Swedish subsidiary of McDonald’s, McPlant is presented as fast food for flexitarians – people who restrict meat consumption.

McPlant is the latest in a trend of meat substitute fast food companies and McDonald’s is not alone. Among those who are widely experimenting in this area are the world leaders of fast food: Burger King, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Starbucks, KFC in collaboration with Impossible Foods.

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