Matthew McLean: “Most fans think Usyk can become a heavyweight star.”


Former middleweight world title contender Matthew McLean believes that the fight against Derek Chisora ​​will be a litmus test for the ambitions of the former undisputed heavyweight champion Alexander Usik in heavyweight.

“Usyk is one of the stars in boxing. Could he become a heavyweight star? Most fans think he can. His performance against Chisora ​​will tell us a little more. If Usyk beats Chisora ​​in a life-and-death battle, people will think : “Hmm.” However, if Alexander comes out and tears him apart, everyone will say, “Wow.”

It might be harder for Chisore to fight without spectators. Everyone is in the same situation, but the crowd is definitely energizing Chisora. Not so long ago, Usik boxed at international tournaments, where there were almost no spectators. He performed in large stadiums that could be empty. So he remembers fighting in such conditions much better than Chisora, “Matthew McLean told YouTube channel iFL TV.

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