Matthew McConaughey talks about his “naked” arrest in 1999

The actor released an autobiography in which he spoke about his life and film career.

Recently Matthew McConaughey released the candid memoir Greenlights, in which he shared life stories and reflects on his Hollywood career. In one of the chapters, he recalled how in 1999 he had problems with the law.

One day, the police raided Matthew, arriving due to a complaint from neighbors. They found the actor stoned and naked, and next to him was a bong. McConaughey resisted arrest, but was eventually sent to prison for resistance, as well as for possession of marijuana.

In the end, the charges were dropped, but the actor had to pay a $ 50 fine for disturbing the peace, which was already ridiculous for him, because he was making $ 4 million per film.

Matthew McConaughey talks about his

Discussing his biography with the Times magazine, Matthew noted that his “wild” past is associated with his unusual childhood. In an interview, he said that his mother and father had a “tumultuous relationship”: once his mother threatened her husband with a knife after he said something about her weight. Matthew says it was “commonplace” for him as a child. At the same time, he calls himself the most stable person in the family – his parents divorced twice and got married three times.

Matthew McConaughey talks about his

McConaughey also noted that for a long time he was branded as a romantic comedy actor. But a few years ago, the actor says, he told his agent that he would no longer take on such roles. And he began to worry that his career would end after that. Over time, deep dramatic characters opened up for Matthew. The leading role in the film “Dallas Buyers Club” earned him an Oscar in 2014. This was followed by roles in “True Detective” and “Interstellar”.

And during the quarantine, Matthew fueled the love of his fans by releasing videos in the image of Bobby Bandito, who taught subscribers to make protective masks.

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