Matthew McConaughey admitted that he was molested at the age of 15: “I thought I was going to hell”

At the same time, the actor notes that he does not feel like a victim.

Matthew McConaughey shares many of his life stories in his recently released autobiography Greenlights. In one of the chapters, he told how he lost his virginity at the age of 15.

I was forced to have sex for the first time when I was 15 years old. Then I thought I was going to hell for sex before marriage. But now I think it was not the case

– shared Matthew.

Matthew McConaughey admitted that he was molested at the age of 15:

He also added that when he was 18, he once found himself “unconscious in the back of the van” and was molested by a man at that moment. At the same time, the actor stressed that because of these two cases he does not feel like a victim.

I never felt like a victim. I have been convinced many times that the world seeks to please me,

– he summed up.

Matthew McConaughey admitted that he was molested at the age of 15:

Also in his memoirs, Matthew recalled how in 1999 he was arrested for smoking and disturbing neighbors. The police found the actor at home naked, and he resisted arrest. He was sent to prison for resisting police and possessing marijuana, but was soon released and fined for disturbing the peace.

The actor calls his youth “wild” and notes that this, among other things, was influenced by the unusual relationship of his parents, who divorced twice and married three times, and also violently sorted out the relationship. Once McConaughey’s mom threatened his father with a knife for speaking out about her weight. Matthew says that as a child it was “commonplace” for him.

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