Matt Smith and Lily James finally broke up: “She wants a normal guy”


After trying to restore relations, the actors decided to leave.

Lily James and Matt Smith, who have been in a relationship since 2014, have decided to finally break up.
According to an insider, the actors parted “because of differences that they could not overcome,” and now Lily wants to build a relationship with a non-public person.

Lily and Matt have been the perfect match for years, but there are only a few differences they have not been able to overcome. They parted and converged lately, trying to settle everything, because they love each other. But, unfortunately, they did not succeed and they mutually decided to simply close this chapter of their lives. Now Lily wants to find a normal guy who is not in the spotlight, because it was quite difficult for her to build a relationship with a celebrity.

– said the source.

Matt Smith and Lily James finally broke up:

Before that, Lily and Matt broke up in December. But this spring, during the quarantine, they decided to give the relationship another chance.

They parted due to their busy schedules, they barely saw each other before quarantine. But when the quarantine began, they were isolated together. They stayed at home, were not distracted by work – this allowed them to restore relations. There is amazing chemistry between them, they are a great couple. All their friends hoped they’d get along

– the source told earlier.

Matt Smith and Lily James finally broke up:

At the same time, during the reconciliation of the couple, there were rumors that James was dating Chris Evans, and Smith was dating Emilia Clarke, but this was never confirmed.

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