Mariah Carey humorously responded to Shawn Mendes’ compliment: photo

Fans are in awe of the trolling star.

Shawn Mendes, 22, shared a life-affirming snapshot on his Instagram page. The Canadian singer posted a selfie in which he poses naked in the open air on a clear, sunny day. “How grateful I am! For the sun, coffee, health, family, old songs by Mariah Carey, music, people, ”signed the photo of Sean. The publication received more than 4 million likes and tens of thousands of comments – it would seem that you can already diverge. But the story got an unexpected continuation.

Mariah Carey, having read about her “old songs”, decided to answer the 22-year-old sex symbol. She posted a similar outdoor selfie, which she signed almost word for word: “How grateful I am! For the sun, tea, health, family, old Shawn Mendes songs, music, people! ” Sean appreciated the multiple Grammy Award winner’s sense of humor. The singer left a laughing smile and two red hearts under Mariah’s pair publication.

Mariah’s post has collected almost 10 thousand comments and more than 300 thousand likes. Fans immediately understood who this photo is about. “All Mariah Carey’s songs, this is how it should have been written,” they sneered. “The photo is just amazing,” wrote admiring followers.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anastasia Khapova

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