Manny Robles: “The best option for Lomachenko is to get revenge with Lopez”


Authoritative coach Manny Robles, who at one time worked with ex-world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, believes that the best option for further career development of the former lightweight division leader Vasily Lomachenko is a revenge with Teofimo Lopez.

“It’s hard to say where Lomachenko will go next. Naturally, the best option for him is to get revenge with Lopez. However, Teofimo talks about moving to the first welterweight division. It takes a lot of money to stay in the lightweight division and give Lomachenko revenge.

If this does not happen, it is difficult to say what awaits Lomachenko next. Now we are not talking about rebalancing or winning championship titles. It’s all about revenge with Teofimo. But as I said, Lopez is talking about changing the weight class, and it takes a lot of money to keep him lightweight, “said Manny Robles in an interview with YouTube channel

We will remind, Robles also opposed the sharp criticism of Lomachenko after the fight with Lopez.

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