Magomed Kurbanov easily dealt with Dmitry Mikhailenko

Magomed Kurbanov easily dealt with Dmitry Mikhailenko

This evening in Yekaterinburg, 25-year-old Magomed Kurbanov again won an early victory, finally interrupting a series of fights, which over and over again reached the judge’s decision and were often close. This time he was opposed by Dmitry Mikhailenko, a journalist from the city of Gelendzhik. Four years ago, Mikhailenko was considered a relatively promising welterweight boxer, but in his last six fights he suffered five defeats and ceased to pose any danger at a high level.

Mikhailenko began to retreat, raising his arms high, already from the first round. Kurbanov was relaxed, hitting jabs, power punches from the right. It was not difficult for him to quickly “shoot” at an experienced veteran, all of whose hits were only jabs in Magomed’s corps. The denouement came quickly – Kurabnov managed to get into Mikhailenko’s liver, he retreated, retreated to the ropes, where the young prospect developed his attack. Under the blows of Kurbanov, Dmitry sank to the canvas, after which the referee of the fight stopped the fight without waiting for a clear answer from Mikhailenko to the question of continuing the fight.

Result of the fight: Victory of Magomed Kurbanov by knockout in the second round.


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