Luke Campbell: Lomachenko himself earned contempt from the Lopez


Briton Luke Campbell, a former opponent of Vasyl Lomachenko, admitted that he was not impressed by the personal qualities of the Ukrainian.

In an interview with The Athletic, commenting on the Lopez’s dislike for Lomachenko, Luke admitted that he understands why Vasily continues to be injected.

“Look, I won’t tell you how good he is, because I understand what Lopez and his father are talking about: Lomachenko is arrogant. There was no respect from him after our fight ended. He looks at you. and thinks: “Yes, I am higher than you” – like that.

I felt how arrogant Loma was. Yes, being such a good boxer, he has the right, but he gave me nothing [уважения] and didn’t even say a word. Personally, I don’t like it. He is from Ukraine, people from those regions are distinguished by their composure, so this is how things are. Nothing personal”.

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